Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Review, Specifications, Features

Apple iPhone 8 Release Date, Price, Review, Specifications, Features :- iPhone has set a new trend in innovation and with every upcoming variant of this flagship, phone people involves themselves in never-ending expectations and desires. Indeed, Apple fulfills them and every time come up with a phone boasting features that are beyond our imagination. That is the reason why every time apple come up with a version hassle starts and people start anticipating high expectation.

Keep on reading because you are going to know about latest update on iPhone 8 Release Date. iphone  price – will it increase or remain same? You will get the answere but let’s start with iphone 8 review, its specifications and new features

iphone 8

Though the company is yet to make any announcement regarding iPhone 8 but apprehension regarding how iPhone 8 is going to be, have already started surfacing up on the internet. There is a reason why iPhone is called an iPhone because it stands for “interactive phone” and till now apple has mastered the name and keep impressing its customers with a blend of awesome service and prodigious innovation

We will be discussing what Apple has in its kitty for us in its latest iPhone version. Read ahead to see the expected specs, features etc of iPhone 8.

iPhone 8

If you are considering that these are rumors, then you are entirely wrong, these are just anticipation based on some factors. Currently, iPhone 6 is ruling the market with its stark looks, amazing features, and powerful performance. Before the launch of iPhone 6 rumors surfaced up in a similar way, but only a few of them were right. In the case of iPhone 8, we can expect that the features that couldn’t be included in iPnone six might be incorporated in iPhone 8. There is still a lot of time in making the concrete statement regarding what kind of features iPhone 8 might have inside.

iPhone 8 Design - Rough and Tough :

The first thing which we want iPhone to be is strong and rugged. We hope that Apple might, this time, come up with a handset that can easily survive a fall in case of accident slip. Moreover, we want our gadget to be 100% water resistant though iPhone is entailing the water resistant feature in iPhone 7 model.

Apart from that apple is working on a complete glass body which will be even stronger in comparison to the corning gorilla glass 5 which we have seen in Samsung Galaxy Note and Edge.

With iPhone 8 we can expect the bezel-less design , something we wanted from so long. Reports suggest that apple is working on 10 prototypes, so it is too early to comment how new iPhone is going to be but apple is trying to bring forward something you have never seen, it may come up with a radical re-design where you will see that there are no bezels not even on the top and bottom.

Critical problem in complete bezel less design is the front camera and home button, with the new iPhone apple may get rid of the home button and may tried to embed camera on the touch screen only. Apple will dump LCD technology for the latest OLED Technology so that it can offer better contrast ratio and colors and we can expect the screen size to be either 5.5” or more.

iPhone 8 Wireless charging:

One thing which all of us want is to get rid of all the wires. Till now Apple has not yet offered the handset including wireless charge, but we would like to see iPhone 8 landing up with this feature. It is high time that Apple starts working on this technology as its arch-rival Samsung has already offered Wireless Charger with Galaxy S6 Edge. Everyone is seeking for a renewable source of energy then why not to have it in iPhone 8 as well. We hope that Apple comes up with batteries getting charged from Solar energy as it will be not just eco-friendly but convenient too.

Moreover apple is also working on such wirless technology for which you don’t need to stay near to the wireless charger and for this it requires more power, so the tech giant has hired a team of engineer whose task is to make this technology possible.

iPhone 8 Large inbuilt memory and Speed:

There are many handsets that are offering more than 128GB of inbuilt memory. With iPhones having just 64GB memory space with no scope of external MicroSD card slot one feels short on space whenever there is any new update as it takes huge chunk of the storage space. With iPhone 8 we are expecting the handset to include ROM at least more than 128GB with the provision of external memory card slot as well.

Apple’s new iPhone is going to be the synonym of “speed” and all the credit goes to the 10nm A11 processor which will be incorporated in it. Something which we were hoping in iPhone 7 was the Iris Scanner or facial scanner, we can assume that these scanners will be provided here as Tim Cook said that don’t expect much from iPhone 7 because they are planning to bring a revolution in the smart phone segment through iPhone 8, so it’s a clear indication it is going to be something really big.

iPhone 8 Hands-free unlocking system:

Apple started the trend of finger print sensors to unlock the handset now we would like the company to set yet another trend of either retina scanning or face recognition feature so that we don’t have to use our hands to unlock the handset any more. This will put the stop to the questions of the safety of our data. We may not experience the iris scanning technology in 2017 as informed by Asian Supply Chain but it may be possible in 2018. 

iPhone 8 Lightning Port replacing Headphone jack:

We would like the company to replace the head phone jack with the lightning port thus helping in making the extra space for the battery. Though Apple will be soon including this feature on the iPhone 7 so its look like the task is already halfway complete.

iPhone 8 Dual Sensors camera:

Apple might be working on bringing dual sensors camera on board that will enable one to click clear pictures even when they are in motion. It will also help in eliminating the noise while shooting the video hence making the picture quality clear and better. And both the cameras will offer Optical Image stabilization.  

iphone 8 - Apple

iPhone 8 Features:

We also anticipate that Apple might come up with the advanced version of the  FindMyPhone app. Currently, this app only informs the user about the location of their phone in case it is lost but in the coming days, we also expect this app to include such a program that make the handset completely useless by any other person in case of any theft or if u lose your phone. It will help in ensuring that all your sensitive data is safe and secured.

Haptic Engine:

Since Apple wants to get rid of Home button it is planning to incorporate a powerful and enhanced haptic ngine which will produce tactile vibration triggering confirmation of Touch ID payment or to unlock the device. It will work in the similar way how home button works.

iPhone 8 Release date & price:

Chances are high that Apple releases iPhone 8 next year because this year iPhone 7 is lined up for the release. We can expect the price of this handset to be around $1,150. Apple is going to come up with three variants and all of them will be made up of glass. We can rank the iPhone with OLED Display as the premium one which will come up with bezel less design while other two will boast aluminum body with 4.7” and 5.5” Display size.

Apple IPhone 8 features:

• 14MP rear camera with 4MP front camera
• Non removable Li-Ion 3000mAh battery
• Will be available in silver, rose gold, black and space grey color
• OLED Display with finger print and retina scanner
• Will house 32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB memory variants
• iOS 11 Operating System which is further upgradable up to iOS 11.3.2
• A11 Processor
• Is expected to have screen size in the range of 5”-5.5”
• 4GB of RAM

Stay tuned with us for more upcoming updates about the latest leaks and rumours of iphone 8
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