The iPhone 7 Release Date, Specifications, Features, Price, Review

The iPhone 7 Release Date, Specifications, Features, Price, Review :- Apple has indeed taken over the premium smartphone segment with its iPhone variants. Brand value of the apple can be judged by the fact that how they eagerly wait for the latest edition. Just like its predecessors even before the launch, iPhone 7 has become the talk of the town with rumors revolving around the handset now and then.

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IPhone 7 Release Date

Though Apple always prefers a set pattern in the case of releasing their handset, few of them has been launched at some entirely different time. Apple launched its first iPhone in the month of June 2007 and till 2010 company was following the same cycle until it was broken by the iPhone 4S when it was announced in the month of October 2011 because the company was not yet ready to bring another iPhone when they were already high with the success of iPhone 4. The company decided to unveil their 6th installment in 2012, i.e., iPhone 5 in the month of September and after that, all the flagship phones were launched in the same month every year.


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Projected date will fall in the month of September only if the company is planning to follow the same pattern but nothing can be said with surety as it depends entirely on the company’s strategy when they want to launch the new iPhone.

It is indeed the most anticipated smart phone given the fact that latest iOS is launched some time before and this time with new iOS we are going to witness some ultra-advanced technologies. Features like advanced SIRI, super fast processor, bolstered up the camera so as to click better and sharp pictures are the expected ones.

iPhone 7 Features & Specification

There are no official words on kind of specs or features to be incorporated in latest iPhone. But one thing is pretty sure that with iOS 10 we are going to have fascinating, and eye-popping updates.We have come up here with all the latest rumors that have surfaced up to date relating to new iPhone7. Go ahead and see what you have missed.

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Why not Corning Gorilla Glass?

iPhone 7 might sport 5.8” screen size with OLED Display.  Hitherto Apple was using LCD that needed back light to glow but this time OLED Display that illuminates itself will be taking the place of LCD. Apple is going to ditch Corning Gorilla glass protection this time and will bring new Sapphire glasses. The reason for this shift is that Sapphire glasses cannot be broken easily and are tougher. The company is already using these glasses in their iWatches then why not to use in iPhones as well?

Say no to buttons:

It looks like the company has planned to change their traditional body design and come up with all new button less design. It is quite a big step given the fact that the Home button has been the part of iPhone since the start, and it has become a trademark style. But changes are always good it will be worth watching whether people adapt this change with open arms or not.

Wireless Charging:

Apple’s arch rival came up with wireless charging feature long ago with its offering Galaxy S6 Edge. This feature turns out to be most convenient one for the users, and Apple users were craving for the similar thing in their iPhones from quite a long time. It looks like Apple has finally heard their plea may bring up this technology in their iPhone 7 as well.

iSight camera:

It might be a possibility that Apple gives green flag to the iSight camera that let one take bright and crystal clear photos with the help of 13MP shooter mounted at the rear. In case if there is 8MP of a camera on the board even users don’t have to feel disappointed as pictures taken from 8MP camera are of much better quality and offer enhanced clarity in comparison to any other device with the similar camera.

Water and dust resistant:

You don’t have to worry any more if in case your phone is submerged under water because Apple is planning to make their latest offering water as well as dust repellant according to IP67 standards. According to these standards, the phone can easily withstand the condition in which it is submerged in water under 1m for 30 minutes.

Since iPhone 7 is going to be totally waterproof Company will be giving a miss to its two pieces plastic that is running since an era.

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The Slimmer the better: Fan out technology

According to the latest news, Apple is planning to increase the number of i/o terminals in their handset. The reason is to make the handset thinner and to mitigate the loss of signals. If the phone is going to be thinner the obviously company will be dropping 3.5mm ear jack as well hence forcing the customers to but the external accessories for the radio.

No Smart connector:

Few grapevines suggested that latest iPhone is going to have Smart Connector technology as we have seen in Apple 12” iPad Pro that was launched last year. Smart Connector technology is used to transfer the data as well as power from one device to other and the attached accessories. Dejectedly there is going to be no smart connector support, and hence Apple has put a stop to all the rumors surrounding this feature.

All glass body:

According to 9to5mac, Apple is the discarding aluminum body and is planning to come up with all glass body. Though this concept is nothing new, we saw the similar thing back in 2012 when it became apparent. With new iPhone 7, everything has to be new and unique then why not a new body, after all, there should be perks of using a latest phone.

This all-glass technology is going to be transparent one hence making the handset look smarter and graceful.

Dual sensor camera:

Until now we have heard quite some rumors about the much awaited iPhone 7, but the most interesting one is the entry of dual sensor along with the iSight camera. Apple will be using Optical Axes AX1 and AX2, and if this news turns out to be true, then this act is something we all would like to see in the iPhone 7. Time taken to click pictures shrinks to just a few fractions of seconds while automatic focusing will give an edge to the users.

3 variants:

According to a blog website MobiPicker iPhone 7 is tipped to be launched in 3 different variants and company has already started the production of this device at the supplier’s manufacturing plant. To expedite the production process Foxconn and Pegatron who are the two suppliers of the Apple has already increased their manpower so as to manufacture these three variants.

Apple will offer iPhone 7 in three new variants viz I Phone 7, I Phone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Pro or iPhone 7 Plus Premium. With the name premium attached to the third variant, we can expect something new and exciting. Though we have no clue about what exactly it is going to proffer us.

It is a possibility that iPhone 7 may lack dual sensor camera, but it will be seen in the Plus variants. Apart from that processor of Plus variants will be combined along with 4GB of RAM.

Facial recognition:

Indeed these rumors sound very tempting and as if these were not enough there is another one for you. Apple is going to abandon touch-ID this time and will be opting for Facial recognition technology. In 2013 the only Apple filed a petition concerning the use of face detection and recognition technology in personal computing and looked like Apple is all set to exercise its right by introducing this technology in their much-awaited handset.

It moreover looks like Apple is going to plunge Android devices and will come up with such face detection and recognition system that not just unlock your device but also let one have the control over his phone by vivid expressions.

Ever thought of answering a call just by looking at it, most of us have not even imagined about it, and Apple has made this feature come true. Apart from that iPhone 7 will also come along with a charger that provides projector feature as well.

How successful is it?

In an undergoing test new facial recognition feature was successful in about 95% of times where it successfully detected the varying facial expressions of the users. Apple always has this tendency of revamping and innovating its concepts in the most unimaginable way possible. And this is the main reason why today Apple stands out as the leader regarding its innovation and offering.

The best part about this feature is that even after unlocking the handset they will be able to see certain pictures or texts only when they want it on the display of their handset.

All these features keep the new iPhone 7 on the top of the list of the customers. With the passing time, all these features which were just rumors some time before are becoming the reality.
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